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Headshot/Fullbody Icon
Cake - Icon Animation - GIFT by Kushell
ChiliCake - Icon Animation - GIFT by Kushell
Applejack - Icon Animation - by Kushell
Dedenne - Icon Animation - by Kushell
Icon 2 - Easter Bunny 1 - by Kushell
Icon 1  - Rat 1 - by Kushell
I make for you a headshot/fullbody icon. :)

Send me a link to your mlp (my little pony) oc, oc animal or Pokemon or what ever Monster you want as icon.

One character on one icon.

Please let me know:
-with or without animation

I will uploading the icon with my signatur but you get it over stash without my signatur.
Your OC/Picture AMV
Kushell x Card Shuffler -In My Heart- FLASH by Kushell
Kushell x Zelo Mlp Oc - What Is Friendship (FLASH) by Kushell
Kushell Charas - Disgusting - FLASH by Kushell
Kushell -Love Is In Bloom(Special Fandub For Alex) by Kushell
Kushell Pony - Put Your Ass In The Air - FLASH by Kushell
Kushell And Skye MLP  - What If I Need You - FLASH by Kushell
Hello all, i open a little bit a other point commission.^^
Its the AMV Point Commission.

I will make a video for you with pictures u have draw or with the pictures of your oc's.

My Videos are made with the programm Sony Vegas (a professional programm).

Please click on the picture you see here, to see the AMV.

NO RUSH PLEASE! A single Video need around 10 hourse for me to make.

:star:Please send me the gallery link of the pictures or link to the pictures you would like to have in a Video.
:star:If someone else have draw ur OC please ask at first if i'm allowed to put it in a Video.
:star:Let me know which song you would like in your Video (send link from youtube).
:star:You can get a Slidshow AMV , one Picture Songtext AMV or both together (moving pictures with the songtext in the Video).

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Kushell has started a donation pool!
5,000 / 10,000
:iconkushell: :heart: :iconevildonkeys:

KushellBananaJuice by evildonkeys :iconsaysplz: Points please?

You must be logged in to donate.
Yes my bf, my familie, my friends and many of my watchers, know that my birthday is very close (this sunday on 6 th april). :)

For this i want to open a short contest on which you have the chance to win 50-100 points :points: and i will write a journal entry about you, your contest picture and your gallery pictures to show to other peoples that you have win. :)

The contest will end on 21. April 2014. On 22. April 2014 you will know if you have won.

Please read the rules and have fun. :)

When you want to enter:
:star:Write a journal entry about my contest (maybe put 1 or 2 pictures from my gallery inside your journal entry too).
:star:Draw my OC. Which OC you choose is up to you. Pictures with one of my oc together with the Oc pony from my bf or many ocs from me together on one picture have a higher chance to win. (scroll down to see refs)
:star:If i like many pictures and have problems to choose between one, then it can be that i put the points in parts or so.
:star: Write in the descripion of the picture "For Kushells Contest".

Other Infos for you:
- Digital or Traditional is no matter for me.
- Can be a sketch too but then please a detailed sketch.
- Pixel drawing is allowed too.
- Chibi drawing is allowed too.
- If you draw my OC Pony (or my OC Pony together with my bfs Pony OC) then you can use a base.
- You can choose how many characters you draw on a picture.
- You can draw more as one picture.
- With or without Background is not matter for me.
- Animation is allowed
- Vector allowed
- Ref Sheet allowed
- Facesets are allowed too but only if you draw around 6 different (small) "head feelings".


- Send me here the link to the journal you have write about my contest.
- Please tell me what you think you will draw for the contest.
(If you draw my MLP OC with base, please show me the base at first because i have draw and get much of it,
not that you draw a base with my oc what i have get in the past.)
- The Ref-Sheet picture of Cyberelf is a help, because all my OCs have the same design, no matter if its My MLP Oc, my Hamster Oc, my Lion King OC etc.


Its important for me that you like what you draw and not that you do it only for the Points you can win!

My OC's are Cyberelf Dog, Cyberelf Dog Wolfstyle, Kushell Gomamon, Cyberelf Hamster, Cyberelf Lion, Jumm the Lamm, Zelo Pony, Kushell Pony (normal and evil mode), My bf and my OC baby Ponys, OC Pony Card Shuffler from my BF, Kushell Human, Alex Human (oc from my bf).

Here are refs:

Cyberelfe Kushell Ref Sheet (UPDATE) by KushellCyberelf Kushell - I Protect You, My Evil Side - by KushellCyberelf Kushell - Ice And Fire by Kushell
Request to Kushell by xDIABL0..::REQUEST::..Cyberelf Kushell by BlazingFlames93
Gomamon Kushell - Why I'm Now A Digimon - by KushellCyberelf Kushell - Hamster Style - by KushellCyberelf Kushell - Lion Style - by KushellJumm by Kushell

Comission: Zelo by PegaSisters82Points Commision : Zelo by AgnessAngel

Commission: Kushell by PegaSisters82Commission: Kushell by PegaSisters82Points Commission  : Kushell by AgnessAngelPoints Commission : Kushell evilstyle by AgnessAngelMLP OC Faces - Kushell by outlaw4rc

Kushells and Card Shufflers Little Babys by KushellKushell x Card Shuffler 3 Child -The White Wonder- by KushellPoints Commision : Kuffle by AgnessAngelPoints Commision : Carlel by AgnessAngelPoints Commision : White Wonder by AgnessAngel

Points Commission : Card Shuffler by AgnessAngel
PC: Kushell x Alex by GarJesPoint Commission Puppy Kushell and Alex by AzzulyPixel Request: Kushell and Alex by F-AmaiM3rodi

Request From Kushell by Errorpony0211Kushell and Card Shuffler Request by DeepDarkHanaKushell - Love Swirl by fluffycawwot

CardShuffler and Kushell (Request) by Big-Mac-a-Brony52 Pickup by DimFann[Request] Kushell n Card Shuffler by YoShiMal2uKushell x Card Shuffler -SweetDreams Togetherness- by KushellRequest 1/2 for Kusell: Kushell X Card Shuffler by pinay4life001


Kushell's Profile Picture
Kushell + Evildonkeys
I love you so much Alex! Never want to lose you!

:iconkushell: :heart: :iconevildonkeys:
Germany EnglandK ACard ShufflerCards us

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers

FREE flying hearts Icon by DreamON-MpakI'm Deutsche, my bf Alex is FilipinoFREE flying hearts Icon by DreamON-Mpak
Kushell and Card Shuffler Huggle by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATCyberelf and Cardshuffler - Commission by Lawlawruu Commish: Kushell and CardShuffler Icon by Trixiemegatoon PC: Kushell by WhisperingCorridors
Pixel Request: Kushell and Alex by F-AmaiM3rodi Boyfriend and Girlfriend PC Animation by Sparky-the-Scraggy

Kushell x Shuffy
Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Request - Kushell by flamevulture17Request - Card Shuffler by flamevulture17

Points Commission  : Kushell by AgnessAngelPoints Commission : Card Shuffler by AgnessAngel
Points Commission : Kushell evilstyle by AgnessAngelPoints Commision : Zelo by AgnessAngel
Points Commision : Carlel by AgnessAngelPoints Commision : Kuffle by AgnessAngelPoints Commision : White Wonder by AgnessAngel


ChiliCake - Icon Animation - GIFT by KushellCake - Icon Animation - GIFT by KushellDedenne - Icon Animation - by KushellApplejack - Icon Animation - by KushellIcon 1  - Rat 1 - by KushellIcon 2 - Easter Bunny 1 - by Kushell

Comission:Pixel Kushell by PegaSisters82Commission: Pixel Card Shuffler by PegaSisters82Comission: Pixel Zelo by PegaSisters82 Kushell Clap Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATZelo Clap Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATClapping Pony Icon - Card Shuffler by JamayThePony

Kushell Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATZelo Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATKushell Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATZelo Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCATEvil Kushell Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCAT Kushell and Zelo Huggle Icon by D3M0N-SPiD3RCAT

Bbbff Kushell by Scourge707Bbbff Zelo by Scourge707

:iconaqua-kplz: :iconaqua-uplz: :iconaqua-splz: :iconaqua-hplz: :iconaqua-eplz: :iconaqua-lplz: :iconaqua-lplz:

First Name: Kushell
Birthday: 6. April XXXX
Favorite Drink: Banana Juice
Favorite Alc Drink: Caipirinha
Favorite Food: Sushi, Curry, Mushroom, Mango
Favorite Color: Sky Blue and Yellow
My OCs:Kushell, Zelo, Cyberelf Kushell, Kushell Pony, Zelo Pony, Kushell-Gomamon, Cyberelf Hamster/Lion, Jumm the Lamm, my Special Pokemon Team

Youtube Account For AMV's:…

Youtube Account For Fandubs:…

My Special Someone : :iconevildonkeys: Alex (evildonkeys)
29 April 2013 our Special Day.
23 June 2013 our first Meetingday in Real Life.
24 December 2013 our first Xmas together in Real Life.

My Special Pony is Card Shuffler the OC Pony from my bf Alex. We have 3 cute ponychilds Kuffle, Carlel and Whitewonder.
Family of Five by Kelisah
Commish: Kushell and CardShuffler Journal doll by Trixiemegatoon Commish: Kuffle-Carlel-White Wonder Journal doll by Trixiemegatoon

Alex my wonderful boyfriend. I love you so much. You are perfect for me. I love how you writing, how you speaking, like you are, what you do, all.
I never want to lose you.
In your way i have the feeling you understand me better as all the other persons. Thank you for beeing there for me no matter how i feel. My cute Filipino i love you and i don't rue that we are together! >////////////////////<

Kushuffler by MegabyteStreamPony Icons: KushellxShuffler by PegaSisters82 Now We Are Together by Aerodil Linked Icon for Kushell by xXYura-SinfulXx.:CO:. Kushell and Card Shuffler by angelkitten12
Kushell and Card Shuffler :COM: by Bluesparks4Kushell and Shuffler JD by xSilverSymphony

Plush toy... Kushell by SoulEevee99Plush toy... Card Shuffler by SoulEevee99
Kushell (I can't think of a better title xD) by PalinalifPony Pack 38 by Zacatron94

Dear Alex
A wonderful person i have meet.
Long time i have waiting but now my life is complete.
Every day i love you more, in my heart i have open the dor.
XXX i say and missing you, this is what i ever do.

Kushell x Shuffy

My Darlings OC'S Together With My OC'S

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy Kushell x Shuffy Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy
Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

Kushell x Shuffy

All My OC'S

Gift:  Chibi Kushell by SabriSugar-chan.:PC:. Kushell by FUNKIferretCyberelf Sprite - Commission by Lawlawruu
Kushell by TrueformPC - Kushell by Phewmonster
Request: Cyberelf by NemmikinsCyberelfe the Dog by WakkoDemonBoy
Cyberelfe the Dog by Apallon-DemonCheetahKushell the Cyberelf dog by eeveeame133

:PC: Gomamon Kushell by xSilverSymphony

..::REQUEST::..Cyberelf Kushell by BlazingFlames93Request to Kushell by xDIABL0Com// Laying pretty by Yami-maruCyberelf Kushell - Real Dog Style - by Kushell

Cyberelf Kushell - Hamster Style - by KushellCyberelf Kushell - Lion Style - by KushellJumm by Kushell

Commission: Kushell by PegaSisters82Comission: Zelo by PegaSisters82Commission: Kushell and Zelo by PegaSisters82
Commission: Kushell by PegaSisters82Commission: Kushell by PegaSisters82

Zelo - request by Chilicreeper1337Point Commission: Kushell x Zelo by hikaruko
Kushell and Zelo - Happy Valentine's Day! by Chilicreeper1337Changeling attacks! by Chilicreeper1337

Kushell and Zelo-comision by DorapzSpecial Gift For Kushell by Quote-CurlyBracePointCommission: Kushell vs Zelo by nayght-tsuki
Kushell and Ralph-comision by Dorapzis mine! by Dorapz

36:CM: Zelo Standby by wolpychanPoint Commission: Kushell by MegaHeadBomb

Kushell x Shuffy


My Pokemon Team:
Hydropi Zigzachs Petznief Bamelin Togekiss Libelldra

Kushell x Shuffy

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