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Kushell has started a donation pool!
7,659 / 10,000
F2U - Status buttons - 5 colors available by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U - Status buttons - 5 colors available by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U - Status buttons - 5 colors available by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U - Status buttons - 5 colors available by Aqua-Spirit22

Kushell Pony - Ask Me ( Q AND A) by Kushell

Point Commissions (last update 16. June 2015):…

Secret Point Commissions 2/3 Slots Open…

Paypal Commissions (last update 01. May 2015):…

Paypal Commission Rules And Infos:…

"Chessty" - My Own Closed Species Nr 1:…

"Lowbybyfriend" - My Own Closed Species Nr 2:…


To-Do List For All Stuff 2015 :…

Gotcha Machines:

3/5 OPEN (For Choosen Creature Adoption)
Gotcha Machine Number 2-Choose Creature (3/5 OPEN) by Kushell

3/3 OPEN (For Custome Designe Machine)
Gotcha Machine Number 3-Custome Creation(5/5 OPEN) by Kushell


YCH Auction Number 1: Chibi Human - 2 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 1 - Chibi Human (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 2: Cup me Animal - 2/3 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 2 - Cup Me Animal (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 3: Bored Me Animal - 2 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 3 - Bored Me (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 4: Cuties - 6 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 4 - Cuties (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 5: Hello You - 2 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 5 - Hello You (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 6: Cute Animal Pose - 1/2 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 6 - Cute Pose Animal(NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 7: MLP Patch - 12/12 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 7 - MLP Batch (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 8: FoxFanh - 4/4 Slots OPEN
YCH AUCTION - NR 8 - FoxFan(NOT A BASE!)(3/4 OPEN) by Kushell

YCH Auction Number 1: Sleep Pony Hay - 10/10 Slots OPEN
YCH 10/10 Slots -NR 1-Sleep Pony Hay (NOT A BASE!) by Kushell


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Hello all, me :iconkushell: and my fiancé :iconevildonkeys: OPEN just for you the Species Commissions.
Now you can get a drawing of your closed species creature or open species creature in wonderful digital type and awesome designe.
You can commission your own closed/open species or if you adopte one from someone else, this also count for us.
My fiancé and i will draw together on the picture(s) for you.
We will choose which position will fit and if it gets a bg or not.
All types of creatures allowed, some examples you can see down below (Foxfan, Plant Pony, Shark Pony, Autumn, Lowbyby, Chessty ect.)
The picture will cost between 100 - 2000 Points :points: or 1,00 € - 20,00 € ( $3.50 - $23.50 /  £ 2.50 -  £ 22.50 ) up to the creature type, difficulty, accessories and so on.
We will send you the done picture first via Stash, with my signature inside of it. After you paid then the price, you will get the non inside signatured picture. We do it like that to save us for peoples who try to trick us also we dont know on the beginning how much your picture will be worth what we draw, so you cant pay first because we dont know the result until its done. If thats fine with you then write here or in a note when you are interrested.

Closed Species Characters (Number2) by Kushell Closed Species Characters (Number1) by Kushell Created YCH Number 3 (FoxFan) - (Vector) by Kushell
GC Number 7 - Happy Post Time (Vector) by Kushell Pony OC - Vector - (PC) by Kushell Walking Together - Decaf x Briny - Vector (PC) by Kushell
Closed Species Characters (Number3) by Kushell Closed Species Characters (Number4) by KushellOffer To Adopt - Different Lox Nr 1 (1/3 OPEN) by KushellAdoption - Deer Bunny Critter Nr 1 (3/ 3 OPEN) by Kushell
Shrimpy - Lowbyby (Closed Species) - Nr 1 by Kushell Roallerblade - Lowbyby (Closed Species) - Nr 2 by KushellIce Chessty - Roallerblade - Nr 1 by Kushell Kushell Pony - Chessty Nr 1 by Kushell



Kushell x Roallerblade
:iconaqua-kplz: :iconaqua-uplz: :iconaqua-splz: :iconaqua-hplz: :iconaqua-eplz: :iconaqua-lplz: :iconaqua-lplz:

Wonderful fanart of Roallerblade made by other awesome peoples:
Roallerblade For Kushell by Valzed

Adorable Kawaii fanart of my OC Plushy Shrimpy:

Whats your name?
My name is Kushell.

Do you have a nickname?
Real close friends call me short "Kay".
Other nicknames are Kushellchen or Kushelly.
But friends call me like they want.

When is your birthday?
6th of April 19XX.

Your character?
kind/nice, friendly, helpfully, wise, funny, honest, fighting for the right, sometimes shy in the near of special peoples who mean a lot to me.

Your Favorit Color?
Yellow and Sky Blue.

When did you start drawing?
My start was 2012 but really start with drawing i begun 2014.

Are you draw traditional or digital? With Mouse or Tablet?
I draw only digital now but in my gallery are some traditional pictures.
And i draw only with Mouse.

What are you drawing/creating/making?
AMV Videos, Gif Pictures, Pixel pictures, Normal Pictures, Anime Pictures, Animal Pictures, Icons, Journaldolls, FLASH etc.

Your favorit Food and favorit Drink?
Favorit drink is Bananajuice, Orangejuice, Mangonektar, Ice Tea, Hot Lemon.

Favorit Food is Aubergines/Eggplants, Sushi, Thuna, Mushrooms, Cornflakes, Curry, Pudding, Spicy Stuff, Crisps.

Favorit Alc drink is Caipirinha and polish Vodka.

Your hobbys are?
writing Poems, Singing, Drawing, listening to Music, creating Music, creating Animations, creating Videos, play with different technic Consols.

Your favorit Consoles are?
Computer, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3Ds, Xbox, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation portable.

Yes, i'm in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend Alex.
Our special day is 29 of April 2013. We live in a distance relationship, he in England me in Germany. I'm Deutsche and he is Filipino.
And since 14 February 2015 i'm engaged with him. >///<
:heart: :iconevildonkeys: :heart:

Do you have a pet?
Yes i normally have had many pets but the only one left is now my wonderful, pretty, kind and lovely "Wiener Widder girl bunny" Roallerblade.

Who is your best friend?
My owned Plushy who i call Shrimpy. He was a gift of my fiancé to my birthday 2014.

Do you have a OC?
Yes i have a OC, who is like me and who looks the same as me.
Of course her name is Kushell and of course she is human.
But she can transform to a dog with the name Cyberelfe.
Its still me and still Kushell but in dogform.

Any other OCs you created?
Yes, later i created Kushell as MLP OC and did it only now 2014 to change her look exactly to mine from real life. The reason for that is because i used a pony creater on the bigging of my drawing time.
Also i created a boy OC character, hims name is Zelo and he exist as Human and as MLP OC aswell.
Also i maked Kushell as Lion, Hamster and Bunny.
Not to forget the Sheep Jumm who was my third OC.
My latest created OC is Kushell-Yoshi.

Do you have Facebook? And if yes, can i add you?
Yes i have Facebook and of course you can add me,
let me only know over Deviantart that you send me a friendship message.

Do you have a Youtube Account?
Yes i have 2 accounts.
One is for my AMV's the other for my Cover Songs.……

Do you do Point Commissions or Paypal Commissions?
Yes i do both. For interest please read my Journal or Donationpool if i'm open.

What about Art Trades?
I done them before but did not make as good remembers in it. To many peoples never created there part, even that my part was long time done and uploaded and sended to them with a link. Even after writing a pm to the peoples as remember in thems AT part was nothing happening. Thats why i will never do again Art Trades unless the person who want one will do there part first.

Do you have a To Do List on which i could check the Art Status for my Commission?
Yes i have:…

Do you make Adoptables?
Yes, check out the folder "Adoptables" in my gallery or go on this journal to check who still searches a home:…

I'm a fan of your OCs, do you have Banners for my Profil, or do you could make me a Banner of my OC or favorit character?
Yes i do banners for others and here are my own banner creations of my Oc's and Canon character.

Kushell - My OC Girl (Me)


Zelo - My OC Boy


Kushell x Wilson :heart:

Dont You Dare Touch Her (V. 1) by Kushell
Kushell x Wilson - First Kiss by KushellWilson x Kushell - I Want To Kiss You(Animated) by Kushell
We Have To Keep Moving by Kushell
Please Trust Me I Want To Protect You (V. 1) by KushellPlease Trust Me I Want To Protect You (V. 2) by Kushell
Wilson x Kushell - Favorit Food by Kushell We have to keep moving.:commissioned:. by bleedingwings12
Kushell x Wilson - Time Together by Kushellwake up....:Commission :. by bleedingwings12
Comision Kushell by izzym19 Comision-kushell by izzym19

Kushell x Makoto :heart:

COMMISSION!-Kushell Kiss! by bellneko Comision kushell by izzym19

Kushell x Gill :heart:

Comision kushell by izzym19

Kushell x Phantom R :heart:

Kushell and Ralph-comision by Dorapzis mine! by Dorapz

Kushell (my oc girl) x Zelo (my oc boy) - Human and Pony Style :heart:

Commission: Kushell by PegaSisters82Zelo by Lucky-Jacky

Gala design: Zelo by bleedingwings12Request : Kushell and Zelo by bleedingwings12

Kushell Icon by C0I0RZelo Icon by C0I0RKushell Icon by C0I0RZelo Icon by C0I0REvil Kushell Icon by C0I0R Kushell and Zelo Huggle Icon by C0I0R

Zelo - request by Chilicreeper1337Point Commission: Kushell x Zelo by hikarukoFeuerlicht and Zelo by Jadekettu
Kushell and Zelo - Happy Valentine's Day! by Chilicreeper1337Changeling attacks! by Chilicreeper1337
Kushell and Zelo-comision by DorapzSpecial Gift For Kushell by Quote-JPointCommission: Kushell vs Zelo by nayght-tsuki

Point Commission 13 by KawchiiKushell and Zelo - Point Commission by Asorra-Tatsumi.:PC:. Like Night and Day by xtechnology-1PC for Kushell by Majinji
+Comission: Kushell+ by SabriSugar-chanPC Kushel and Zelo by Angie-MiladyCommission: Kushell by choco-kittycat[Commission] Zelo and Kushell by NhanNghiaNguyen

36:CM: Zelo Standby by wolpychanPoint Commission: Kushell by MegaHeadBomb

Commission: Zelo by SpiritReaper07Commission: Zelo by SpiritReaper07 Commission: Kushell x Zelo by SpiritReaper07

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